Melbourne Airport Enhancing the passenger experience

Geyer has recently completed projects with Melbourne Airport across terminals 3 and 4 to improve customer access and sightline while also complying with strict guidelines. By creating planning principles with simple flowing forms and clear wayfinding, the improved passenger flow will activate the shopping potential of Terminal 3 and enhance the passenger/customer experience.


The concept brings together simple clean forms to encapsulate the concession areas. These include a square boxing that frames the units around the mezzanine boundary   to create a gateway into each concession. A curved planning form create strong visual sightlines from both concourses and looking down from the mezzanine. The curved form also encourages a fluid circulation of people around the entrances of the concessions while the vertical walls discourage passenger queuing into the aisle.


Geyer’s approach for Terminal 4 was focused on various customer scenarios and was driven through understanding the idiosyncrasies of airport shopping and the influence of air travel on the psyche of shopping. The approach was also driven by the objective of optimizing potential revenue through maximizing passenger footfall past retail and enticing traveler purchases and a positive retail experience. This was then balanced with consideration of operational requirements around security, everyday operations and longtime sustainability.